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Frog Heart illustration

Frog Heart

All of the art on this page was created for McGraw-Hill's CD-ROM GED instruction course. It was critical that the art be clear and simple, to allow the lessons to shine through. Under the art direction of the fabulous Karen Wohlberg, I created hundreds of pieces, and learned that concisely conveying information is an art in itself.

This frog heart was one of my few forays into more involved illustration.

Activity along Earth's tectonic plates illustration

Map of Earth's Tectonic Plates

Colors, legend elements, and fonts are all carefully chosen to be unobtrusive yet crystal clear. This one had me singing Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" for weeks.

Powering a battery with an acid solution illustration

Powering a Battery with an Acid Solution

It's no small feat to convey in pictures how an acid solution will power a battery, while plain water will not. The problem was solved through repetition of elements and abstracting the connecting wires into plain red lines.

Metamorphosis of a butterfly and a grasshopper illustration

Metamorphosis: Butterfly v. Grasshopper

Still deceptively simple, with subtle shading added for depth (and not-so-subtle shading to make the butterfly pop).

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